Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Desucon 2011

I would just like to inform everybody about this years Desucon! 
It's Norways biggest convention of sci-fi, fantasy and japanese culture, and is held at Oslo Kongressenter this weekend!

Sadly, not all the girls from Devious can attend, but we who are going are goin to REPREZENT!

* On Saturday, me and some gorgeous gals from CoutureGals are going to put on a ParaPara show for everyone! *

I still need to practise some more, but I think it'll look better when I get to practise with the other girls :)
I'm super nervous, but I'm sure it'll be fine... I guess x) I haven't been on a stage in ages *-*

For more info:


Long time no see, folks... :P

Just posting some outfits and recent buys!

New maxi dress ^^ 

Some of the shit I just bought:

 Hotpants and red boots, both from Yumetenbo

Leopard cardi: Yumetenbo
Black top: Yumetenbo
Pink hotpants: Runwaydreamz
Purple boots: Ami Clubwear
Black top: Yumetenbo
Black boots: Shoesone

I can't wait for everything to arrive! ♥