Thursday, September 30, 2010

Acid's Make over!

My friend is an apprentice at a hair salon, and she had a test yesterday and I was the model! 

It was a complete make over, with
  • Dyeing hair with two colors
  • Dyeing eyelashes and eyebrows
  • Haircut
  • Styling
It was a tough process, because my hair was still pink under the black hair! I haven't had pink hair in.. a year and a half, more like two years..  

The process
 No make up :x

 Dyeing lashes'n'brows
It's so hard to sit absolutely still for 15 minutes, not opening your eyes.. I'm so easily distracted!

The result!

I think the braiding looks really cool, I was I had the patience to do them myself some time!
I think it's a bit too short though, but it'll always grow longer ;D

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Intro - Vikingfaen

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Name/Nick: Vikingfaen

Age: 21

Inspiration: Monica, Pin, Frida, Ida, Sakurina, Aina, random gyarus from street snaps

Style: Rokku, general gyaru

Favourite brand: Gina Tricot, GILFY, GLAD NEWS, GOLDS infinity, EMODA, MONKI,
H&M, Alice Auaa, Vivienne Westwood, Chanel

Interests: Biology, gyaru, friends, history, movies, food, clothes

Hobbies: Eating, shopping, running, drawing, friends

Who do you wanna get down and dirty with?: Santa
How you got into gyaru: 
I first became interested in Lolita fashion. I tried that for a while, but the style never felt right for me. I discovered gyaru through other j-fashion interested girls in Norway and now I love the style!

Intro - Oda R/Java

Name/Nick: Oda R/Java

Age: 21 (soon 22)

Inspiration: Rohimi, Kanako, Nonoka, Sakurina, Wakatsuki Chinatsu,

Style: Rokku/ame-kaji/general gyaru

Favourite brand: COCOLULU, w<3c, GLAD NEWS, Vivienne Westwood, GILFY, MA*RS, tutuHA, Justin Davis,

Interests: Languages, music, movies, shopping, travelling, makeup

Hobbies: Shopping, learning languages, gaming, listening to music, playing the violin, going to concerts,

Who do you wanna get down and dirty with?: Gene Simmons :P

How I got into gyaru:

My first encounter with gyaru was with the old-school manba and kogals. I thought it was very cool and daring, but not something I would look good in. So I got into visual kei & oshare-kei, or at least I tried. With all the Sex Pot and multiple facial piercings that usually follows. Then I found Frida and started paying attenton to her. I joined the Norwegian JFashion community and there I learned alot about the different styles in Japanese street fashion. I was then introduced to the "mordern" version of gyaru. And little by little I fell in love with it.

Intro - Anja/dokiri

Name/Nick: Anja/dokiri

Age: 19

Inspiration: Kawabata Kanako, Romihi, Sakurina, Minemura Yui, Mipo, Saito Natsumi, Rumika, streetsnaps, Angeleek+Kleak gals, Pin, Valentine and other foreign gals~

Style: Rokku, but I tend to do b-gal sometimes and manba/banba.

Favourite brand: Gina Tricot, Vivienne Westwood, GILFY, GLAD NEWS, Lip Service, w♥c, BAPE.

Interests: music, food, gaming, make-up, fashion(mainly korean and japanese), friends, drawing, deco-den.

Hobbies: drawing, gaming, shopping, PS-ing, deco-den-ing.

Who do you wanna get down and dirty with?:
Sheldon Cooper.
How I got into gyaru:
I don't remember actually when(year) but from what I DO remember the first time I heard of "gyaru" was when I was a visual kei kid and saw one of Koda Kumi's PVs. I did not like it and I thought she was a bit slutty. After a couple of years being in the visual kei scene I saw a picture of Kaoru Watanabe and thought she was creepy and weird looking, and well the style itself didn't appeal to me. I thought to myself "I'll never dress like that,not in a million years",well I didn't really like those type of girls.
Few years later I kind of grew out of visual kei and started going for korean street style. And at the same time I started liking gyaru more and more(yeah I know...after saying I disliked that kind of fashion). I saw pictures of Rumi Ringo with her black hair and I thought to myself that style isn't so bad afterall,it can actually be an edgy and rock-ish look. So I ended up searching for gyaru on google images,doing research on how they dress, if there were girls in the west doing the style, also girls in Norway and I ended up finding several communities on LJ and different forums. 
Got to mention her name because she kind of inspired me to keep being a gyaru, Kristiina(keikk). I got tons of help from her. But also Monica Tang. Following her on LJ was really fun, because I got to see how a norwegian gyaru is doing the style. And well after that I kind of went to try it myself. I have to admit I have been going back and forth with gyaru and korean street style before 2-3 years ago. But now I'm dedicated to gyaru to the fullest~

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Intro - Frida/kaninmelodi

Name/Nick: Frida/kaninmelodi

Age: 19

Inspiration: Sakurina, Maya Mori, Nonoka Iwata, Monica Tang, Ida, Hiromi Hosoi, Kanako Kawabata, Tsubasa Masuwaka, Aina Tanaka, Viivi, Ashley ++ Street snaps!!!

Style: Rokku, sometimes serebu, on a rare occasion hime

Favourite brand: GILFY, Vivienne Westwood, GLAD NEWS, BACKS, EGOIST, LIP SERVICE, w<3c, GOLDS infinity, XOXOkisskiss, TRALALA, CECIL McBEE, Gina Tricot ++

Interests: Japanese fashion, clothing, make-up, music, movies, games, food, friends

Hobbies: Gaming, shopping

Who do you wanna get down and dirty with?: A wookie

How I got into gyaru:
My first encounter with gyaru was through a Norwegian magazine dedicated to manga and japanese pop culture; they had an article about Ganguro and kogyaru. 

At first glance I did not like what I saw, it was during a period which I drew conclutions fast and associated them with the valley girl type - which I despised back then. I was really into j-rock bands and visual kei though, and through it I started getting into japanese street styles. I fell in love with lolita and j-punk and started trying to dress in those styles. I still disliked gyaru, and when I say dislike I actually mean HATE. Yes, I despised gyaru with all my heart's content, for some stupid reason. 

After a year or so I started to open my mind a bit more, and after some lurking and glaring at gyaru images started really liking gyaru, but it was with my encounter with a particular GIF-animation of Tsubasa Masuwaka that I truly fell in love with gyaru. I was mesmerized by her perfect curly light hair, make-up, style, everything. 
Through a Norwegian internet society and Livejournal I met Monica Tang. She made me even more interested in gyaru, and I learned a lot from her.

Buuut it was still not the kind of style I would dress in - I was still too much into punk and rock-styles, and at the time I didn't know rokku existed. But at last I saw some Egg scans of girls dressed in - gasp - punkish rock outfits. I was growing tired of visual kei, I didn't like the negative attention it got, I decided to be more inspired by rokku gyaru, but in the end I went over to "the dark side" completely. I've had some weird fallbacks, but I am now 100% gyaruwashed.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Intro - Ingvild/Zora

Name/Nick: Ingvild/Zora

Age: 17

Inspiration: Kumicky, Aina and Monica Tang, but I usually get inspiration from many different magazines, brands and pictures.

Style: Gyaru-kei and mori-gyaru.
Favourite brand: Liz Lisa, Tralala, Vivienne Westwood.
Interests: Hair, clothes, traveling, food and decoden.

Hobbies: Shopping, partying, exercising,
creating stuff.
Who do you wanna get down and dirty with?: Your mom.
How I got into gyaru:
It started some years ago when I found a manba profile at Myspace, and I instantly fell in love with the style because I have allways been fascinated by crazy hair. I used to be cybergoth at that time, so things have changed alot XD After a while I got more interested in japanese pop-culture and other styles. Then I got into the norwegian J-fashion community trough a norwegian internet society, and learned a lot. I allways loved gyaru, and even though I wasent gyaru and I got inspiration from many different styles, I kinda ended up with Gyaru.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Intro - Christine/Acidcandy

Name/Nick: Christine/Acidcandy

Age: 20-something

Inspiration: Emika, Tsubasa, Romihi & Kanako + various streetsnaps!

Style: Gyaru-kei (mostly rokku & haady, maybe ame-kaji in the future?)

Favourite brand:
GLAD NEWS, Vivienne Westwood, Co&Lu, Alexander McQueen, w♥c, GILFY, GOLDS infinity, XOXOkisskiss, Blue Moon Blue, Esperanza, H&M

Interests: Money, success, fame, glamour ♪♫♪

Hobbies: Partying, shopping, playing the piano, sewing, going to concerts

Who do you wanna get down and dirty with?: Jesus and Chuck Norris at the same time
How I got into gyaru:
I don't really remember, haha. I originally got into Lolita six-seven years ago, and knew already then that gyaru was the counterpart of the style I loved so much. Years on, I realize that gyaru is awesome and a lot more appropriate for my behaviour. Lolita and drinking, vulgar behaviour and stuff like that doesn't really go together ;) 
Lolita is also way too expensive for me, and gyaru clothing is to be found everywhere, in all price ranges :) I love the make up illusions gyarus pull off, it's mezmerizing on some :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Outfits - Ida Elisabeth/Zerda

Intro - Ida Elisabeth/Zerda

Name/Nick: Ida Elisabeth/Zerda

Age: 19, soon to be 20

Style: Mainly rokku, but also serebu from time to time

Inspiration: Monica Tang is my biggest inspiration, along with Frida, but I also look at streetsnaps, gal magazines and vogue!

Favourtie brand: CECIL McBEE, Chanel, GLAD NEWS, Sword fish, Louis Vuitton, EGOIST, Burberry, DKNY, Mulberry, Bally, GILFY etc

Interests: Health and Nutrition, Makeup, Fashion, Psychology, History, Art, Zombies

Hobbies: Watching movies, Creative writing, Exercising and fitness, Partying, Making coffe and tea, shopping

Wants to go down and dirty with: Optimus prime, no doubt.

How I got into gyaru:

 I got into gyaru march 2009, when I join a fashion show hosted by I attended as a Rokku gyaru. This was the first time I met Monica and some of the other girls. Everything was new to me, and it was a bit scary since I didn't knew anyone from the community. But everyone was really nice, and I soon blended in with the others.

 I also made a new best friend, Ronja, and this is basically how I got into Lolita. I still attended as a Rokku gyaru at's fashion show, but  after a while i spent all my money and energy on expensive brands from Angelic pretty, Moitie etc. Lolita was one of the most important things in my life. But all of a sudden I found out that it didn't really fit into my life anymore and lost my passion. That's how I got into gyaru again, and one of the reasons this circle was made. Weird coincidence, huh? ;)


Hey all!

Welcome to the official blog of Devious. We are a norwegian ive-sa galcircle with 9 members. That includes Ida Elisabeth/Zerda (leader), Frida/Kaninmelodi (co-leader), Emilie/Fnisu, Oda/Java, Ronja/Nogums, Anja/Dokiri, Oda/Vikingfaen, Ingvild/Zora and Christine/Acidcandy. We're in this to evolve, learn and have fun!
We're located in different counties of Norway, but we will do our best to arrange meetups and events as often as we can! As a matter of fact, we're planning to join Monica Tang's meetup in february.

You should also know that our gals joke around a lot. You can never take us 100% seriously, unsless we say so. ;)