Friday, November 26, 2010

Winter outfittttt

It's pretty cold outside here now, but my room's temperature varies so much! Sometimes it's really cold so I turn on the heater, but then it ends up getting too warm and then I open up a window or wear lighter clothes, but then it gets too cold and.... yeah it goes on like that forever. XD

Anyway here's a outfit:
It looks SO weird from this angle, makes it look like my legs are crazy short. Sorry for the very... unstrategic angle XD

Tried to take a pic with selftimer outside. But too dark and too cold to get a proper picture XDD

Fur stole: Galstar
Sweater: Galstar
Skirt: Deary/Yumetenbo
Tights: H&M
Boots: Jiggy/Galstar

Shiny snow! It's like it's been blinged LOL


  1. Digger antrekket! Skulle ønske det var fremdeles så varmt at man kunne gå rundt med skjørt og tights :( Fryser låra av meg, haha.

  2. Det er ikke rart du er en inspirasjon til så mangen jenter. Herlighet kvinne du kan kle deg godt!!

  3. you look amazingly gorgeous! you've one of the prettiest hair here imho <3 and love the outfit, gosh wish thigh high boots would actually fit my things :<