Monday, February 21, 2011

Une outfit

Now that I look at this outfit I realise it needs more accessories, but whatevs.

Glasses: WC
Necklace: Cubus
Tank-top: Yumetenbo
Sweater: Galstar
Belt: Forever 21
Skirt: Yumetenbo
Garter-belt: Cubus
Stockings: idk lol
Pumps: eBay

AH OUI OUI. I think I will grow a moustache and be the first gal with moustache, whatya say, trendsetter or what? LOOL


  1. aww beautiful! i love everything about this outfit, specially the skirt and glasses <3

  2. lovely outfit ^^ love u'are glasses :)

  3. Oh you're so pretty!! I love the British flag print top! ❤(・w・) and I say YES! to mustache!!! Mustaches will be the new Pink.

  4. Thank you guys soooo much <3 <3