Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Hey all!

Welcome to the official blog of Devious. We are a norwegian ive-sa galcircle with 9 members. That includes Ida Elisabeth/Zerda (leader), Frida/Kaninmelodi (co-leader), Emilie/Fnisu, Oda/Java, Ronja/Nogums, Anja/Dokiri, Oda/Vikingfaen, Ingvild/Zora and Christine/Acidcandy. We're in this to evolve, learn and have fun!
We're located in different counties of Norway, but we will do our best to arrange meetups and events as often as we can! As a matter of fact, we're planning to join Monica Tang's meetup in february.

You should also know that our gals joke around a lot. You can never take us 100% seriously, unsless we say so. ;)

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