Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Intro - Oda R/Java

Name/Nick: Oda R/Java

Age: 21 (soon 22)

Inspiration: Rohimi, Kanako, Nonoka, Sakurina, Wakatsuki Chinatsu,

Style: Rokku/ame-kaji/general gyaru

Favourite brand: COCOLULU, w<3c, GLAD NEWS, Vivienne Westwood, GILFY, MA*RS, tutuHA, Justin Davis,

Interests: Languages, music, movies, shopping, travelling, makeup

Hobbies: Shopping, learning languages, gaming, listening to music, playing the violin, going to concerts,

Who do you wanna get down and dirty with?: Gene Simmons :P

How I got into gyaru:

My first encounter with gyaru was with the old-school manba and kogals. I thought it was very cool and daring, but not something I would look good in. So I got into visual kei & oshare-kei, or at least I tried. With all the Sex Pot and multiple facial piercings that usually follows. Then I found Frida and started paying attenton to her. I joined the Norwegian JFashion community and there I learned alot about the different styles in Japanese street fashion. I was then introduced to the "mordern" version of gyaru. And little by little I fell in love with it.

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