Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Intro - Anja/dokiri

Name/Nick: Anja/dokiri

Age: 19

Inspiration: Kawabata Kanako, Romihi, Sakurina, Minemura Yui, Mipo, Saito Natsumi, Rumika, streetsnaps, Angeleek+Kleak gals, Pin, Valentine and other foreign gals~

Style: Rokku, but I tend to do b-gal sometimes and manba/banba.

Favourite brand: Gina Tricot, Vivienne Westwood, GILFY, GLAD NEWS, Lip Service, w♥c, BAPE.

Interests: music, food, gaming, make-up, fashion(mainly korean and japanese), friends, drawing, deco-den.

Hobbies: drawing, gaming, shopping, PS-ing, deco-den-ing.

Who do you wanna get down and dirty with?:
Sheldon Cooper.
How I got into gyaru:
I don't remember actually when(year) but from what I DO remember the first time I heard of "gyaru" was when I was a visual kei kid and saw one of Koda Kumi's PVs. I did not like it and I thought she was a bit slutty. After a couple of years being in the visual kei scene I saw a picture of Kaoru Watanabe and thought she was creepy and weird looking, and well the style itself didn't appeal to me. I thought to myself "I'll never dress like that,not in a million years",well I didn't really like those type of girls.
Few years later I kind of grew out of visual kei and started going for korean street style. And at the same time I started liking gyaru more and more(yeah I know...after saying I disliked that kind of fashion). I saw pictures of Rumi Ringo with her black hair and I thought to myself that style isn't so bad afterall,it can actually be an edgy and rock-ish look. So I ended up searching for gyaru on google images,doing research on how they dress, if there were girls in the west doing the style, also girls in Norway and I ended up finding several communities on LJ and different forums. 
Got to mention her name because she kind of inspired me to keep being a gyaru, Kristiina(keikk). I got tons of help from her. But also Monica Tang. Following her on LJ was really fun, because I got to see how a norwegian gyaru is doing the style. And well after that I kind of went to try it myself. I have to admit I have been going back and forth with gyaru and korean street style before 2-3 years ago. But now I'm dedicated to gyaru to the fullest~

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