Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Intro - Christine/Acidcandy

Name/Nick: Christine/Acidcandy

Age: 20-something

Inspiration: Emika, Tsubasa, Romihi & Kanako + various streetsnaps!

Style: Gyaru-kei (mostly rokku & haady, maybe ame-kaji in the future?)

Favourite brand:
GLAD NEWS, Vivienne Westwood, Co&Lu, Alexander McQueen, w♥c, GILFY, GOLDS infinity, XOXOkisskiss, Blue Moon Blue, Esperanza, H&M

Interests: Money, success, fame, glamour ♪♫♪

Hobbies: Partying, shopping, playing the piano, sewing, going to concerts

Who do you wanna get down and dirty with?: Jesus and Chuck Norris at the same time
How I got into gyaru:
I don't really remember, haha. I originally got into Lolita six-seven years ago, and knew already then that gyaru was the counterpart of the style I loved so much. Years on, I realize that gyaru is awesome and a lot more appropriate for my behaviour. Lolita and drinking, vulgar behaviour and stuff like that doesn't really go together ;) 
Lolita is also way too expensive for me, and gyaru clothing is to be found everywhere, in all price ranges :) I love the make up illusions gyarus pull off, it's mezmerizing on some :)

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