Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Intro - Frida/kaninmelodi

Name/Nick: Frida/kaninmelodi

Age: 19

Inspiration: Sakurina, Maya Mori, Nonoka Iwata, Monica Tang, Ida, Hiromi Hosoi, Kanako Kawabata, Tsubasa Masuwaka, Aina Tanaka, Viivi, Ashley ++ Street snaps!!!

Style: Rokku, sometimes serebu, on a rare occasion hime

Favourite brand: GILFY, Vivienne Westwood, GLAD NEWS, BACKS, EGOIST, LIP SERVICE, w<3c, GOLDS infinity, XOXOkisskiss, TRALALA, CECIL McBEE, Gina Tricot ++

Interests: Japanese fashion, clothing, make-up, music, movies, games, food, friends

Hobbies: Gaming, shopping

Who do you wanna get down and dirty with?: A wookie

How I got into gyaru:
My first encounter with gyaru was through a Norwegian magazine dedicated to manga and japanese pop culture; they had an article about Ganguro and kogyaru. 

At first glance I did not like what I saw, it was during a period which I drew conclutions fast and associated them with the valley girl type - which I despised back then. I was really into j-rock bands and visual kei though, and through it I started getting into japanese street styles. I fell in love with lolita and j-punk and started trying to dress in those styles. I still disliked gyaru, and when I say dislike I actually mean HATE. Yes, I despised gyaru with all my heart's content, for some stupid reason. 

After a year or so I started to open my mind a bit more, and after some lurking and glaring at gyaru images started really liking gyaru, but it was with my encounter with a particular GIF-animation of Tsubasa Masuwaka that I truly fell in love with gyaru. I was mesmerized by her perfect curly light hair, make-up, style, everything. 
Through a Norwegian internet society and Livejournal I met Monica Tang. She made me even more interested in gyaru, and I learned a lot from her.

Buuut it was still not the kind of style I would dress in - I was still too much into punk and rock-styles, and at the time I didn't know rokku existed. But at last I saw some Egg scans of girls dressed in - gasp - punkish rock outfits. I was growing tired of visual kei, I didn't like the negative attention it got, I decided to be more inspired by rokku gyaru, but in the end I went over to "the dark side" completely. I've had some weird fallbacks, but I am now 100% gyaruwashed.

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